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Module Schedule


Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Nye, "Can we Define 'Technology'?"should be read for Wednesay, September 12.


Assisgnment for Wednesday, Sept 12. (Week 1, Post 1)


Week 1: Origins

Wednesday, September 12

Introductions, Syllabus (.pdf). Readings: Nye, "Can we Define 'Technology'?" Bush, "As We May Think," and Selfe, "Literacy and Technology Linked"

"The Demo": Doug Engelbart and the Mouse -- Video of the public debut of the mouse, hypertext, file linking, and shared screen collaborations. The first 7 videos are particularly interesting.

Assisgnment for Friday, Sept 14. (Week 1, Post 2)


Friday, September 14

Berners-Lee, "The World Wide Web," Kelly, "We Are the Web," and Wesch, The Machine is Us/ing Us (YouTube Video); connecting to the servers for the first time.

Assignment for Wednesday, September 19. (Week 2, Post 1)


Week 2: Writing Spaces

Wednesday, September 19

Bolter, "Writing Spaces," and Nardi and O'Day, "Technology as Metaphor," and "Information Ecologies." Use ecology.pdf. Personal and professional interests. Show: wordpress.com, netvibes.com, del.icio.us, diigo.com

Assignment for Friday, September 21. (Week2, Post2 )


Friday, September 21

Penrod's blogging articles, Information Ecologies, break into blogging groups, wordpress, start setting up your blog!

Assignment for Wednesday, September 26: Please read Dibbell, "A Rape in Cyberspace" (dibbell-cyberspace-1993.pdf, originally published in the Village Voice), Turkle, "Who Am We?" (turkle-we-1995.pdf, origially published in Wired), and Davis, "The Secret World of Lonelygirl" (be sure to read all 4 pages, and watch the three videos on page 1--they are the first to of Bree and a latter one about Daniel). You might also wish to watch Bree's video blogs (all 159???). Start in the bottom right and move left and up as you go. The first two that were added are quite different than the 157 that follow, so stick with it, as they are fascinating introductions to the series. For more on LonelyGirl15, see "Hey There, LonelyGirl" from the NYTimes Magazine, "LonelyGirl and All Her Friends" (audio and transcript) and "LonelyGirl Just Not Herself Anymore" (audio and transcript) from NPR's On the Media radio program.


Post responses to your blog as required and as you feel is necessary. Do try to get some posted on the readings by classtime as it will be fun to look at them and see what you have to say. have fun with it--its Blogging!!


Week 3: Identity and Ownership


Wednesday, September 26

Dibbell, Turkle, Davis, and LonelyGirl. Work in groups on blogs, gaining familiarity with and setting up the following:

  • themes (when in the dashboard, click on Presentation)
  • tagline that describes what will be discussed in your blog (see my blog for an example) (when in the dashboard, click on Options and then add your tagline)
  • blogroll containing all of the class blogs (see sidebar for links)
  • widgets
  • links within blogs


Netvibes setup (ecosystem-tutorial-fall07.pdf). RSS video by Commoncraft. What is RSS?


Assignment for Friday, September 28: Please read Howard, "Understanding Internet Plagiarism" (howard-internet-plagiarism.pdf) and De Voss and Porter, "Why Napster Matters to Writing" (devoss-porter-napster-2006.pdf). Post responses to your blog as required and as you feel is necessary.


Friday, September 28

Dibbell, Turkle, Davis, and LonelyGirl; Bazerman, Howard, De Voss and Porter.

Assignment for Wednesday, October 3: Directly related to last class, Lisa posted about something called Second Life, which I encourage all of you to take a look at.


Please read the chat logs from last class (group1-chat-log.pdf, group2-chat-log.pdf, group3-chat-log.pdf, group4-chat-log.pdf). Choose one of the logs that was most interesting to you, and post an entry to your blog about it. Please do not respond to your own group's log. Think about the issues that were raised in terms of the readings and try to cite from the log in your response.


Please watch the following videos: Social Networking in Plain English (by commoncraft),  Social Bookmarking in Plain English (by commoncraft, which focuses on delicious), and the video on the diigo homepage. PLease read the following online articles: VanFossen, "Categories versus tags -- whats the difference and which one?" Mathes, “Folksonomies - Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata,” and Lamantia, "Tag Clouds Evolve: Understanding Tag Clouds." 


 Register for either del.icio.us or diigo--whichever one you think you would like to use more (just FYI: Dr. Wolff has a diigo account, which you can see online). After you have set up your account, go back to your own blog posts and edit them by adding tags and categories in ways suggested by the readings. To edit posts, go to the Dashboard, click on Manage, click on Posts, and then the Edit link. Then, add your tags and categories. Please make them meaningful.


You may also want to get a head start on readings for Friday, by reading Blakesley and Brooke, "Visual Rhetoric," McCloud, "The Vocabulary of Comics" (this is a huge file, though not a lot of reading, its available in the Week 4 folder on Blackboard and emailed to you on Saturday), and Miller, "The Dark Night of the Soul" (miller-darknight-2005.pdf).


Keep on bloggin'! 


Week 4: The Future of Writing

Wednesday, October 3

VanFossen, Mathes, Lamantia

Research and brief presentation on: Goodreads, Flock, Twitter, CitULike, Zotero. Each blog group will learn about, critique, and use 1 of these and make a brief (5 minute) in-class presentation today. Please use Firefox when browsing. Please complete the following:

  • go to the web site and begin reading and looking around the site, reading any about pages and taking any tutorials

  • each blog member should create an account and in the case of Flock and Zotero download, install, and explore the application

  • If there is a way to link to "friends," link to each other and, well, be friends :-)

  • If there is a way to intergrate it into your netvibes ecosystem, do so and see how it works

  • Consider the following questions for your presentation:

    • what is the purpose of the site? what problems does it help alleviate?

    • who is the audience, or who are the potential users? Why would they want to use it?

    • how it is using, complicating, affecting the idea of social networking?

    • does it use tagging? hows so?

    • are the tags social? that is, is there a potential for the creation of a folksonomy?

    • how might you use this in your personal, professional, and educational careers?

  • each person in the group should contribute to the presentation, so be sure to create a role for each person


When presentations complete, add tag cloud widget to your blog and discuss what this says about your blog identity. Does it match the goals/subjects of the blog you had when getting started with it a few weeks ago? (Bliggidy Blog and Rookiez Blogz will need to change to a widget friendly theme so you can use the Tag Cloud feature.)


Look at chat tag clouds.

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