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Instructional Videos

This page contains videos that will guide you through many of the processes of setting up and using applications in this module. They will open in a new browser window, and until I have a few minutes to re-do a few of them, they will be quite large (sorry about that!!). Videos for Mac users will also appear shortly.


Connecting to the Servers from Off Campus

Downloading, Installing, and Connecting to the VPN


You can see written instructions for downloading and installing the VPN on your computer by going to http://www.rowan.edu/toolbox/network/off_campus/#download. You only need the VPN if you are connecting to the servers from off-campus. That is, if you live in an apartment or a house that is not owned by Rowan, you will need to do this. If you live on campus (in a dorm or condo), you do not need the VPN.


Connecting to Your Home Directory


You can see written instructions for connecting to the home directory by going to http://www.rowan.edu/toolbox/network/off_campus/#homedir. This process is the same for people who live on and off campus. The only difference is that off-campus people need to connect to the VPN first, as shown at the end of the above video. The video shows you how to do this.


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