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Forum Posting: Week 1, Post 1

Please post your response by 12:00 noon on Tuesday, September 11. This will give the entire class time to read and, perhaps, respond to the posts prior to class meeting.


Please read Axelrod & Cooper's "Strategies for Reading Critically," and use the annotation techniques they discuss to read and annotate the following essays (in this order, please): Nye, "Can we Define 'Technology'?" Bush, "As We May Think" (this one is quite technical in parts, so bear with it), and Selfe, "Literacy and Technology Linked." After reading the essay, please respond to the following prompt using the Blackboard discussion feature:


The topics of Nye's, Bush's, and Selfe's texts seem quite disparate. One describes the evolution of the term "technology," another argues for a system that will "make more accessible our bewildering store of knowledge," and the other provides a social context for arguments that advocate teaching technological literacy.


So, why bring them together here, at the beginning of a module called "Technologies and the Future of Writing"? What is uniting these pieces? How do you think they will frame the direction this module will take? In your response, please make sure you refer to or cite from each of the texts.


At the end of your post, please pose a question to your peers (avoid questions like "So, what do you think?"--make your questions meaningful). I encourage you to respond to your classmates' posts, so we can start discussion outside of class.


Please draft your response using Microsoft Word (or other word processor), check it for spelling, and then paste it the response field. Your response should be at least 1/2 page, single space, using Times New Roman font size 12, on a page with 1" margins.

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