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Forum Posting: Week 1, Post 2

Please post your response by 9:00am, Friday, September 14


Before doing the readings, please watch these two videos, which are from Doug Englebart's 1968 demostration of the mouse, hypertext and other technologies: introduction  (.rm) and word processing with mouse. Please read Berners-Lee, "The World Wide Web" (.pdf, 836.6kb) and Kelly, "We Are the Web" (.pdf, 135.9kb), and watch a few times (before and after reading the essays) Michael Wesch's, The Machine is Us/ing Us (YouTube Video, 4:33min):


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When complete, please response to the following prompt on the "The Web and Me" Blackboard discussion forum topic:


Berners-Lee et al.'s announcement of the Internet and Davis' and Wesch's arguments about the relationship between the web and us as users is going to lead us into discussions about how we use, contribute to, and storge information learned on the web. To preface that discussion, I would like you to describe your typical web-related activities. Where do you go on the web--CNN, ESPN, Facebook (your page, friend's pages, random pages), LinkedIn, etc.? How often to you go to these places? What is your goal? Is it to get information, contribute information, or both? Is there a particular time of day that you tend to go online? Are there different types of pages you go to depending on the activity (socializing, school-work, professional work, and so forth)? Where do you store information from the web (say, a link) that you want to go to again in the future?


I'd also like you to consider things that you would like to be able to do more of on the web. Are there features that you would love to have? Things that you dislike that you would like to see changed?


Please draft your response using Microsoft Word (or other word processor), check it for spelling, and then paste it the response field. Your response should be at least 1/2 page, single space, using Times New Roman font size 12, on a page with 1" margins.


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