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Forum Posting: Week 2, Post 1


Part 1 (Updated 9/15/07)


Please connect to the your HDrive on the Rowan servers from your residence--either off campus or on campus. Do not wait until the last minute to try and connect as it will most likely be a frustrating experience the first few times you try. If you have trouble, contact the Help Desk at 856.256.4400. If they cannot help you (and have told you as such), email me exactly what the problem is, at what stage you are getting the problem, and what you have done up to that point. Tell me also if you are using a wireless computer. I cannot gaurantee that I will be able to fit your problems, but I will try.


You will need to know your Home Directory address, which will look something like, nwuser#.rowan.edu, where # is replaced by a your own number. Go to http://www.rowan.edu/myhome/, enter your username (the one you use for your Rowan email), click the button, and look for the address next to "Your Home Server." This is your Home Directory address.


If you live on campus, the procedure will be exactly the same as we did in class on Friday. you will not need to use the VPN to connect. Follow the instructions listed at: http://www.rowan.edu/toolbox/network/on_campus/#home_stu.



If you live off campus, the procedure is the same, except that you first must download and install a software application called a VPN. The VPN creates a secure connection between your individual computer and the Rowan computer network. You only need to download and install the VPN once. However, you will need to connect to the servers using the VPN every time you wish to access your HDrive. After you have connected using the VPN then you connect to your HDrive on the Rowan servers exactly the same as we did in class on Friday.


See the instructional videos detailing how to 1) download, install, and connect via the VPN, and 2) connecting to your HDrive. You can also follow the instructions provided by Rowan IT.


Part 2.

Please post your response by 12:00 noon on Tuesday, September 18. This will give the entire class time to read and, perhaps, respond to the posts prior to class meeting.


Please read Nardi and O'Day's (1999), "A Matter of Metaphor" (.pdf, 1mb) read this first) and "Information Ecologies" (.pdf, 430kb) and Bolter, "Writing as Technology" (.pdf, 734.1kb) and respond to the following prompt on the "writing spaces and information ecologies" discussion forum in Blackboard:


The essays we are reading this week are filled with an amazing amount of dense prose and fascinating insights into the nature of technology. For this posting, I would like to select a passage from either of the essays that you found particularly insightful and thought-provoking, particularly confusing, or that you are skeptical of. Type the passage into your response--include page numbers--and discuss your response or responses to the passage in terms of one of the crime scene photos. At the end of your discussion, pose a question to your classmates (avoid questions like, "So, what do you think?"). I encourage you to respond to your peers' posts.


Please draft your response using Microsoft Word (or other word processor), check it for spelling, and then paste it the response field. Your initial response should be at least 1/2 page, single space, using Times New Roman font size 12, on a page with 1" margins.


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