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Forum Posting: Week 2, Post 2


Part 1

Please first read Penrod (2007) "Why Blog?" (penrod-blog-2007.pdf) and "Blogs as a New Writing Genre" (penrod-genre-2007.pdf). They are a quick read.


For the first part of this assignment, I'd like you to identify your personal, educational, and professonal "interest spheres." These spheres are the subjects, ideas, communities, etc., that you are interested in and/or curious about on a personal level. Often, when we think about our personal, educational, and professional interests we say, "Oh, I'm a Writing Arts major and I'm interested in journalism." Or, "Oh, I'm an Education/Writing Arts double major and I'm interested in elementary education."


Those statements are quite useful, but the areas "journalism" and "elementary education" are quite broad. For example, area of journalism are you interested in: op/ed, sports, politics, environmental, journalist ethics, etc.? These are subclasses of the larger field of journalism. We can do the same with elementary education: No Child Left Behind, funding of education, politics and education, special needs students, art in education, technology in the el ed classroo, and so forth. Each of these areas offers a very specific community wherein people are exchanging ideas, best practices, and proposals for future changes. Similar things can be done with personal and educational interests. Here, for example, is a breakdown of my professional and personal:


higher education (professional)

  • technology and education

  • learning space design

  • classification systems

photography (personal)

  • black and white

  • holga


I would like you to locate 3 or 4 specific areas of professional or education, and personal interests. Create a heirarchy as above. Then, using the blog search engine Technorati begin searching for blogs in that particular specific area. So, for example, I might look for blogs that discuss "learning space design." If you have trouble with the subareas, try the overall subject area and then narrow based on what you see. You might also try putting a phrase like "education blogs" into Google and see what you get. By doing that, the first result is to a page that discusses the Top 100 Education Blogs, which itself contains a link to edublogs.org, a site that hosts more than 30,000 blogs.


Try to find 3 - 5 blogs for your professional/educational interests, and 2 - 3 blogs for your personal interests. Write down the title of the blog and the URI, and bring that list to class on Friday.


Part 2.

Please post your response to the "blogging and me" Blackboard discussion forum by 9:00am on Friday, September 21. This will give the entire class time to read and, perhaps, respond to the posts prior to class meeting.


This is going to be a multipart post.


  1. Please post your list of professional/educational and personal interests as composed in part 1.

  2. Choose 1 blog that you found--personal or professional/educational--and discuss the blog in terms of Penrod's discission of 3 of the 6 traits of blog writing (page 37 in "Blogs as a New Writing Genre." You might also state why the blog interested you.


Please draft your response using Microsoft Word (or other word processor), check it for spelling, and then paste it the response field. The narrative part of your response should be at least 1/2 page, single space, using Times New Roman font size 12, on a page with 1" margins.


PS. Just got back from class and saw this on CNN.com: :-) turns 25.

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